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We offer tailored solutions that enable corporations to efficiently manage their retirement plans and optimize employee benefits. Our team is committed to enhancing your employees’ retirement preparedness, minimizing your fiduciary risk, and boosting overall satisfaction with your retirement plan. When you collaborate with us, we provide the support you need to achieve these goals.

Workplace Wealth Enhancements

Corporate financial wellness programs, known as workplace wealth enhancement plans, are designed to enhance the financial well-being of employees. Financial stress among employees can significantly impact productivity, effectiveness, and retention rates, resulting in potential revenue loss for the organization. Workplace wealth enhancement plans offer solutions to issues that employers may not have been aware of previously, helping to address financial stress and improve overall employee satisfaction and performance.

Employee Financial Wellness (EFW)

A financial wellness program designed for corporations to enhance their employees' financial lives can lead to improved morale and loyalty to the organization. When employees feel that their financial needs are being prioritized and managed effectively, they are more likely to reciprocate with loyalty and increased productivity.

Corporate Benefits

Corporate benefits are a crucial component of a tailored financial wellness program that caters to the unique needs and priorities of employees, serving as an extension of your company's human resources department.

Employee Benefits

Working with us provides your corporation and its employees with tailored financial guidance from our experienced firm, which offers comprehensive financial planning capabilities.

Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP)

An employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) is a stock plan that companies provide to their employees to promote employee ownership. Whether it is a qualified, contributory, or non-contributory plan, our firm assists corporate executives in making informed decisions regarding employer stock options, restricted stock, and other benefits.
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While having ample financial resources is undoubtedly important for the flexibility and success of your financial plan, it is not the sole determinant of our potential for a fruitful partnership. At The August Wealth Management Group, we actively seek out clients and prospects who possess qualities such as ambition, drive, consistency, and open-mindedness. Whether your wealth is newly acquired or has been accumulated over multiple generations, we are committed to assessing your unique circumstances and providing customized solutions to protect and grow your assets, regardless of your demographic. Here are just a few of the groups that we serve.