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About Us

The August Wealth Management Group is a fee-only private wealth management firm focused on offering transparent and comprehensive investment advice, strategic advisory services, financial planning, and other related services to individuals, families, organizations, corporations, and institutions with complex financial requirements. As fiduciaries, we prioritize your interests, potential, and ability to succeed. Our custom-tailored approach entails a thorough analysis of your plan fees, services, and portfolio, and we are committed to delivering assistance that sets the industry standard.

August Wealth Management

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Our Mission

Our aim is to help you construct a plan to protect your values, preserve your legacy, and transfer wealth tax-efficiently and sustainably for future generations.

Our Vision

Our commitment is to provide unbiased service, conflict-free counsel, and goal-based advice solely based on your best interests and your unique objectives.

Your Benefit

You can expect undivided personal attention, access to in-house expertise, and a proven track record of delivering practical, tried-and-true, real-world solutions.

1% Private Wealth

Some of our clients require highly specialized and intentional care, and our team is comprised of specialists who understand those needs. For clients who require such care, our 1% Private Wealth division, a segment of The August Wealth Management Group, provides additional options to better meet their needs. By offering more options, we can create additional opportunities to safeguard and expand your wealth, with the ultimate goal of realizing the lifestyle you aspire to achieve.

Client-Driven, Service-Oriented

We recognize that each of our clients is extraordinary; therefore, we do not rely on formulas or standardized approaches. Instead, we provide customized services that are tailored to your specific needs and unique circumstances. By gaining a deep understanding of your background, values, and objectives, we can devise a strategy that integrates various aspects of our service offerings to help you attain your goals. We are pleased to offer our clients a range of services, a diverse set of options and exclusive access to solutions that may not be available through other firms.

Financial Planning

Having a clear sense of direction is essential to making progress, and we understand that it can be challenging to move forward without it.

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Investment Advisory

In order to achieve your objectives, it is crucial to focus on growth, and we utilize market investments to pursue growth on behalf of our clients.

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Corporate Retirement

Having sufficient funds in retirement is essential, and your employees will certainly want to secure their future financial stability.

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Life insurance is no longer just a means of providing financial security in the event of an untimely death. Today’s policies can also offer…

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Annuity Strategies

Annuities, which involve a contract with a leading insurance provider instead of a direct investment in the market, can offer both…

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Education-Based Planning

Our approach to financial planning and investing centers around education. We apply this philosophy to our own practice and strive to provide our clients with the resources they need to fully comprehend their situation and plan for their financial future with confidence. Read our blog posts and informational content below.

Financial Planning

How Annuities Offer Growth and Protection Potential

National Annuity Awareness Month is upon us! Let’s go over how annuities can be an important part of a retirement plan. June is National Annuity…
Life Insurance

4 Recent Innovations in Life Insurance Policies

Today’s life insurance policies are not the policies our parents and grandparents grew up with and purchased. They offer more features and more customization, at…
Retirement Planning

“Longevity Risk” in Retirement

In fact, the risk that someone will outlive their wealth and available income is one of people’s biggest fears in retirement. People are living a…
August Wealth Management

Tailored Solutions, Personalized Guidance

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At Arthur Morris Lifestyle Wealth Management, our objective is to help you maintain or improve your lifestyle through careful financial planning and investment management focused on protection as well as growth. Whether you prefer to travel the world, 5th wheel across America, or stay put managing the family farm, no matter what your desired lifestyle is your unique dreams and aspirations are our guideposts.

Picture-Perfect Client

While having ample financial resources is undoubtedly important for the flexibility and success of your financial plan, it is not the sole determinant of our potential for a fruitful partnership. At The August Wealth Management Group, we actively seek out clients and prospects who possess qualities such as ambition, drive, consistency, and open-mindedness. Whether your wealth is newly acquired or has been accumulated over multiple generations, we are committed to assessing your unique circumstances and providing customized solutions to protect and grow your assets, regardless of your demographic. Here are just a few of the groups that we serve.